Ice Hockey: Registration Now Open

[color=blue]CIHL Registration Now Open[/color]

The puck will drop on the CIHL’s upcoming 2008-2009 season in October and registration is now open.

The CIHL plays at Taipei’s “Little Egg” Arena at the corner of Dunhua and Nanjing, just up the road from the Nanjing E. Rd MRT station in Taipei, but teams are based throughout Taiwan.

Last season the CIHL had eight teams, with squads based in Hsinchu, Taichung, Chaiyi and Kaohsiung in addition to four teams in Taipei.
This year, there’s a possibility of expansion, so wherever you are, if you’re interested in playing, now’s the time to get on board.

The CIHL draws on highly-skilled and recreational players; locals and ex-pats; the young (15 years) and not-so-young (47 years). The league is competitive; nurtures talent for both the International and National Typhoon squads that represent Taiwan in international tournaments; always fun; and growing. It’s a taste of home and a break from the everyday.

In the words of one team leader, it is

[color=green]“The World’s Best-Run Beer League”[/color]

For anyone looking to get the rust off, there’s a training camp on now, Thursday evenings from 9:30 - 11:30. Cost: NT$550/session.
There will also be a mandatory pre-draft evaluation camp in mid-late September during which team leaders will evaluate new and returning players.

So, if you’ve got gear back home, now’s the time to have it shipped over.
If you’re looking for new gear Monoclub on Aiguo Rd, across from CKS is the place to get it: Aiguo East Rd, 20-1, 1F, Taipei. Tel: 2321 2065
There’s also some used gear floating around.

[color=black]Anyone interested in joining the CIHL, or looking for more information, contact:
Jeffrey Cuvilier
CIHL General Secretary

Erm, that’s 46 years young Mister General Secretary. Not 47. I ask you, could a 47 year old do this?

I should join in, than I would be the oldest … goalie

You bet I could do that …

Hockey? … Shouldn’t this be in the women’s forum?


Looks like the first ice will be in mid-September. Get yer sticks.

*Beers on me for anyone who can ring one off the cages of Josefus and Toe Save.
**A 2-4 of suds if you can make Toe puke, again.

The CIHL’s 2-piece playoff dvd is now in the bag. A quick and dirty highlight reel is available here. You can get the whole high-quality thing from me for a measly NT$300.

Last chance to sign up. Pre-season evaluation camp begins Saturday.

Anyone signed up for tryouts tonight, be advised that they are cancelled because of the Typhoon. Watch the yahoo group for updates on rescheduling.

Last chance to get in on the new season! Tryouts tomorrow and next Saturday, the 27th, followed by the draft. If you haven’t registered already and want to play, send me a pm and I’ll get you set up.