Ice skating and Ice Hockey anytime at Taipei New Stadium

Open to the public Daily at the new stadium located at Nanjing and Dunhwa N. Road. Come on by anytime and go ice skating. Afterwards you if your hungry for a snack you can go up to the second floor and try Primo Gelato’s fresh homemade gelato Inexpensive and all natural. See you there!!!

I don’t think you can play hockey or go ice skating anytime. I would definitely check for a schedule.

It is a fantastic facility, everybody should get out there at some point.

So what’s the verdict on public skating? Can we go daily? Is a schedule available? Do they rent skates? How about a phone number?

The web is a wonderful thing! :wink:

Do you have anything in English CK? The phone number at the bottom doesn’t offer english either. BTW this is also the web, thanks.

Well, that announcement is outdated, dated February 18th to the 24th for the holidays, but seems to be pretty close to what is usually going on around there. Public skating 9am to 9pm, entrance 60nt, rental (skates, helmet, etc) 50nt. There are a few nights when free skating ends a bit earlier, like this Sunday at 7pm when there is ice hockey. The counter staff at the rink are quite helpful. They should be able to answer your questions, maybe even in English. :wink: Happy skating!