ICRT feedback thread for 2018/2019


I get music from the internet.


I guess they make most of their money with ‘road shows’, keeps the DJ’s popular.


ICRT 4 hours of jazz starts now.


Another new low, talking about sniffing cat butts. It’s a subject DJ Stevie G wants to talk about and not just a random comment, which in itself could be kind of strange.

I really wonder what DJ Stevie G does with his time off based on subjects he wants to talk about like

  • farting and passing gas
  • urinating
  • armpit hair
  • his penis
  • sniffing cat butts

I mean he has good voice, presence, good technique but his subjects are really odd.


He’s a keen baker.


“Yeah, I know but could you pick one for me?”


Here’s a q for you icrt listeners.

I thought Ron Stewart was done but I swear I heard him on air again recently …Does he still have a show on there ?

And hows Terry doing …He went back to Canada…Any news ?


Ron Stewart is still shouting. I’m not sure if he has a regular slot, but he stands in for people.

Last I heard Terry was doing a Chinese radio show in Canada.


Thought so! Hope Terry is doing well in Canada. Never met the guy but he sure worked hard on his 3 hour solo morning slots !


He can talk about pies!


Does the Kaohsiung ICRT station play a different program than Taipei? Last night Saturday the DJ was playing from Kaohsiung. Never heard a DJ say that before. Or maybe they always play same program and just broadcasting from Kaohsiung.


Really enjoyed Saturday evening 21:00 ~ 21:30, Electro Breeze, 22:00 ~ 22:30,
Underground Sounds.

Sunday night jazz blues starts now.


Feces and fecal matter today but that gets a pass because related to a useful subject, bathroom hand dryers, that spread bacteria.

Uranus (your anus) discussion, no pass. Is he in 7th grade?


I’m not sure but it seems like Jane Lee’s English accent articulation is getting better and more understandable during her news reports.


Jamie Callum Show is a repeat from last week. Talking about upcoming Christmas.


Changed a good line up to this and dumped Jazz Trax, one of the most well-liked jazz radio shows on earth for 30 years or more.

  • All Kinds of Jazz with Caitlin Magee (winner of 2018 Jazz music contest in Taichung or something, great voice, and engaging on stage) 6pm
  • Jamie Cullum Show (from UK) 8pm
  • Anything Goes with Lise Avery (from USA) 9pm

Followed by classical music at 10pm. Classical music people are mostly all in bed by 10pm.

Jazz should be on later than classical. People are still finishing up their weekend at 6pm.


They’re advertising for newsreaders at the moment and using an old advert voiced by Papa Paul. I’m usually pretty resilient when it comes to poor taste, but this is pushing my buttons. Surely he still has loved ones living in Taiwan?




She is on now.


Caitlin is a good host. Great selection of music from all decades, international and local music.