ICRT for 2018/2019

Hi everyone,

I’m an employee with ICRT, the English radio station here in Taiwan. My primary responsibility is to expand the online presence of ICRT and the repertoire of our programming both on-air and online. I’m committed to changing the English-radio experience in Taiwan to one that can better serve all of our listeners.

A quick perusal of Forumosa’s posts regarding our station reveals several differing opinions of ICRT. For those that praise us, we thank you for your continued support. However, more concerning to me is the criticisms, which we are dedicated to addressing. I’d like to open a channel for direct feedback from this community, and answer any questions you may have about our station.

You guys are valued members of our community and we’d like to hear your comments and concerns.



Well this is the first time I’ve seen anyone from ICRT interested. I hope people will be nice and give criticism constructively.



That Twitter account needs to be reformed. It seems you just blast stuff out at random without thought or care.

Hi Lliao0211, given that you purport to represent ICRT can you provide a full name and title?

I’d suggest perhaps using a more formal user name and have your credentials verified by an admin, particularly given your stated job scope.


Grand suggestion.

I appreciate that it is often for financial reasons, but there is way too much Chinese spoken on Joseph Lin’s 4pm session. It’s understandable that if you have, say, some buxiban touting for business in an advertorial. However, it really is way too much when there is 20 minutes of Chinese with Joseph saying “Uh huh” and “Yeah” every so often. I also have a sneaking suspicion that Joseph doesn’t like westerners which doesn’t help on an international community radio station.

Obviously Terry has left the country, but Papa Paul was a really good replacement on the morning show. Stevie G has made a strong improvement, but I’d like to have a little more 70s music in the mix. Joey C in the afternoon is OK, but could you ask him to stop talking over the songs. Less is more, IMO, when it comes to DJs.

The I Love Hakka is getting a bit weird now, but I appreciate that you need the money. There’s only so much anyone can discuss about Hakka culture in Taiwan.

In terms of the news Gavin Phipps (I think that’s his name) is your best newsreader, but why does he keep mispronouncing names? Who is President Si In When? It’s really odd.

In general, I think ICRT is pretty good and I understand the constraints you guys are under. A bit of fine-tuning would make things better.

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Do you know your History, son. I came here around twenty years ago and your station was fantastic.
I’m not sure you are familliar with the Classic Radio Duty of the Announcer to Die at his post and keep us informed, like War of the World.

Your station kept us informed with interesting news for both newcomers and veterans alike.
When the Typhoons were here, your announcers told us things like “stay indoors”, don’t stand under signs and other things things newcomers might not know and veterans fascinated how stupid they once were.
Not more than a few years ago, the Gass main infrastructure of Kaohsiung went kaboom. Streets were exploding under cars. I was watching Chinese TV alone. People were driving everywhere to escape the explosions. No English Explanation. No English advice!
That was your job son, and your station FAILED to keep us informed. You were just merrily playing music on an automated station.
OK… I know that it was not you personally, but as part of the station you are it’s past, present and future.
What I want… I’d like that twenty four hour live voice in the studio. I know you can’t pay for on air talent all night like you used to but, at least have a live announcer doing Time Check and news headlines and be ready to take a microphone when things are going down.

OK, that’s me. I’m a news Junkie and now that I have unlimited 4 G service, I only listen to BBC and other stations for my English fix and stations like KISS RADIO or Best Radio for my Chinese Family’s entertainment. I find their music more decent. I turned off ICRT in the car when I’m with my family because my 2nd grade daughters and friends were asking my why the nice lady wanted to ride that mans P -P -P- Cock! That song was on while I was shuttling students to class.
OK… I hope i could help. From the time I got here to the time of the big Earth Quake, your stationwas on in my house 24/7. Now, it’s hardly on. I want to come home…

Oh… ADDS in ENGLISH AND CHINESE! I HAVE MONEY! I BUY THINGS or I can ask my wife to buy or not buy things! And some reverse learning shows. How about a let’s learn Chinese Class. Give AFU more time. Create a Text book. I listen to you learn English shows to try to pick up Chinese. You really have to work on integrating us foreigners who don’t live in the city and cannot go to Chinese Class. You have the talent. Serve us more. Woah! Bad Grammar. Sorry. You are witnessing extreme dyslexic mistakes. I honestly don’t have the time to edit right now. Chores must be done. I’ll re-edit some time later. Sorry. I apologize for your inconvenience. But if I write in edit mode, I would not be able to post. Thanks.


Why do you speak so much Mandarin?

Your egotistical DJ’s are pathetic. I can’t believe some
of those clowns are still working at ICRT.

I did surveys 15 years ago with many questions concerning
ICRT. Many of the complaints then are still worth
considering now.

I’ve been coming and going to Taiwan for 32 years.

I heard and saw the DJ’s starting years ago.

I used to get on talking about dreams, since all Chinese
are interested in Dreams. Everyone dreams.

I thought I’d get a monthly program, but of course ICRT
in it’s great wisdom can’t think beyond it’s nose.

Paul Baker

Do people under 40, and English speaking, listen to the radio in Taiwan? I gave up on ICRT years ago.

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Over 40 and English speaking. I remember I used to enjoy an evening block of English-language news, both local and international, perhaps 15 or 16 years ago - wasn’t there 30 minutes of Taiwan news starting at 6:30pm? But I haven’t listened regularly in years. I tuned in during a typhoon power outage a few years back, but waited 30-40 minutes without hearing any news, and gave up. I probably haven’t tuned in since.

Mind you, almost my entire life I have hated music that gets regular radio play, so I probably don’t count as much of a target audience.

When ICRT became a ‘local’ station, that’s when I stopped listening! ICRT isn’t there to only educate the locals (it makes money, I agree), but it’s also there to serve the foreign community, that’s where it originated from.
Now foreigners have so much choices for listening to radio stations on the internet, what’s missing is local news worthy items tho. News channels in Taiwan are not worthy their name. ICRT could fill a gap. Long time ago ICRT had some interesting programming, now not anymore.

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Didn’t ICRT station come from the US military…originally?

Yes it did.

It’s like AFN in Europe, American Forces Network. I used to listen to ‘Wolfman Jack’ when I was young.

Saw the live broadcast from Howard Plaza Hotel at Christmas. Why were the presenters not engaging with the public more? They were just doing their normal interviews when I was there, so no point doing a live broadcast really.

Hi everyone,

My name is Leslie Liao. My official title is ICRT’s Online Platforms Specialist. Feedback has always been valued at ICRT and we take your suggestions and comments to heart. We do our utter best to serve our listeners in the best way possible, and we’re sorry if we are unable to meet your ideal radio experience. We are doing everything we can do keep up with the rapid changes in terrestrial radio. This includes doing more with online mediums, including podcasts and on-demand programming. With your input, we hope to do more. ICRT will continue to serve the community as it always has.

Thank You,


Tell Stevie G I’m loving the 80s and rock tunes in the morning! Please keep this going. What happened to “this day in history” still there? That was great

Your drive home after work music is very boring! is it hip hop or what style? I have to turn it off can’t take it anymore.

You have some people around the island that provide reporting of the news and other events. Very good.
Gavin is excellent too.

ICRT is a valuable addition to my drive to work in the morning

I occasionally listen in the car but always turn off at 8PM. The scheduling at this time is weird, it goes from “The Hour of Power” dance anthems to the “s l o w n e w s”, and then to some kids practicing English on “Eagle Chit-Chat”- not what you want to be listening to on a Friday night!

You’re more forgiving than I am. I can’t listen from 4pm onwards; it’s just too painful. Terrible music, seemingly unending advertorials in Chinese, and that bizarre thing where the DJ calls a listener. “Oh, they seem to be engaged at the moment. Let’s try to call them again.”

I don’t really care for the Chinese native speakers chopping up English when they do different reporting. Doesn’t help anyone in Taiwan learn English correctly and is really annoying for native English speakers.

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I must admit that I’ve never listened to ICRT in the years that I’ve lived in Taiwan. I just can’t stand listening to blathering DJs and an endless parade of top-ten hits. But I appreciate that fact that Ms. Liao is asking for actual feedback from the foreign community.