ICRT feedback thread for 2018/2019


How would you know? You are right, though.


It is quite difficult to listen to some News broadcasts. I have an image of someone with their finger underneath each word, reading the text.
I would have thought that if part of the agenda was that Mandarin speakers can hear fluent English, it is failing.
If that is not part of the remit, I apologise.


Overheard snippets when other people were listening. I tuned it out immediately, but a certain amount of leakage was unavoidable.


There’s something odd going on with the news in that they only employ newsreaders who can read Chinese. So maybe they are translating as they speak? That seems unlikely to me. I have no other idea as to why they would restrict new employees to those who can read Chinese.


I used to hear ICRT in taxis a lot - I was never quite sure if they’d switched to it on my behalf, or if they were already listening to it.


It’s what happens when you develop a reputation for not tipping.


I used to listen to the Dick Clark show.


Shhhh, don’t give away your age.


Only 10 days ago?


Wow, Dick is looking shockingly well-preserved.


That’s “America’s Oldest Teenager.”



Hi Leslie,

Does ICRT receive any financial or other assistance from any government agencies?
Some people look to ICRT as a government assisted organization or perhaps as a public service organization but is that true?
Isn’t ICRT purely a business like any other radio station?
Who runs the show at ICRT?
How do they decide what to put on air and what are their priorities?

I’m not asking about goals of ICRT to help people, but the real mission of ICRT as directed by stakeholders?

Lots of recommendations for improvement here and the people on this forum represent a wide range of people in Taiwan.


Back when I co-wrote this piece, ICRT was a private non-profit that was managed by the Koo family. Maybe times have changed.

The head of the foundation himself called me himself the day after it was published. Pretty cool. Unfortunately, he tried to explain how tired tightly his hands were with regard to programming. I’m glad he called.


Wow lots of history here with ICRT.


I get you, but I listen on the morning commute and don’t have an alternative for the journey home, the local stations seem to shift around or are non-stop adverts. The only fallback I have is “Bibi-acho Gong-boban” which plays all the old school Taiwanese/Japanese stuff and has call-ins from drunken Ah-Ma’s and the like, I find listening to this helps the traffic make sense.


Well written!


I’d like to hear more news and more focus on international biz here in Taiwan from large multinationals to medium to startups. Or even some podcasts from people with connections to Taiwan that are abroad. I do enjoy ICRT while driving in the car but I can’t say that I’m drawn to it enough to listen in when I get home.
I know this is a tough one, but I would really like to know about things that may not be so obvious to me on the evening news.
I think top 40 is appropriate for this station to keep a broad range of viewers (even though I prefer metal).


I’ve been reduced to talking to myself during my commute home. Possibly not healthy, but considerably more entertaining than listening to Jocky Joe trying to phone a listener to tell them that another listener is attracted to them.


Driving home this evening at 5.40 listening to that guy drone on and on about communication and Intel’s booth made me want to rip the radio out and throw it out the window, how on earth can that be determined to be prime time material? I tried to stick it out just to get to the news but eventually just turned it off and listened to some inane mandopop on a different station, as bad as it was it was better than Mr Communication.

While I’m on a rant, any chance of getting rid of Jeffreys ^%$ing annoying English learning ad, the one about the waitress getting the order wrong?