ICRT feedback thread for 2018/2019


When you’re talking about some one or some subject for more than 30 seconds, mention repeatedly who or what you are talking about.

Right now, DJ talking about someone that died and I’ve listened for a couple minutes, but she didn’t mention again who the person is until the very end, Avicii. She keeps saying “him” or “he”, but no clue who. When you talk on the radio, these pronouns aren’t useful because listeners have no reference. Use the person’s name or the subject.

On the positive side, I like her voice both in English and Chinese. And seems to be good radio style.


Ron Stuart on now I like his style. Fun. Reminds me of a certain popular type of DJ.


I used to listen when drivingGleople around, about 5 hours 7 days a week for 8 years. But eventually stopped because probably half the Time it was advertisements under the guise of interviews, or shows or ?

Product placements in movies are just that placements, but it seemed as if I was watching tv and it was a still image of say coca cola and just hearing how good the CEO is at doing his job. But in radio form.

Meaning not even a still image…

I usedDto like it. But it was insane. When.for alMost an hour straight most days I would only hear an advertised interview only interrupted by short adds to be continued with whatever business owners’ speech.

Not trying to be mean, but my.Chinese greatly improved due to this issue as I switched to local language radio.

For me.I’m.Not picky on the accent/language abolity spoken. The music played. Temple screening, hip-hop, jazz or kids music, its fine. But when we just listen to advertisements dressedDup as entertainment in the way you guys do, its truly unbearable. Sadly I’d rather just be numb from driving than anoyed from radio.

ICRT also gave me.the push I needed to by my first CD player for.my.car. the is :slight_smile:

Ps. As for lack of local news coverage, don’t worry. When the local news companies start covering anything real or.meaningful, you can consider doing it in English. For now, no need to put yourself out there. Not being sarcastic. For us in entertainment. Real news in Taiwan isn’t your fight.


An advertisement now on icrt for a language app that helps you learn English and French and languages but they don’t say if it’s a learning app that helps with Chinese? Who knows. Apparently advertising department or management doesn’t realize they have Chinese listeners learning English AND English listeners learning Chinese.

But they have the Hakka covered.

Lingvist app.


Really love the Sunday evening jazz sets. Looking forward to this evening. Great way to chill ending the weekend.


To my shame I can’t recall the name of the guy who used to do the Sunday jazz nights. A glass of something delicious and a comfy chair. Just bliss.


DC Rapier


Something like Bill Thiesen. He made Sunday one of my favorite days.


Starts at 8pm.


Yes, Bill Thiesen - passed away a few years ago, sadly. Good to know the jazz night is still going.



I never remember DJs but I remember that one.


He was outstanding.


Bill Thiesen was news.
DC Rapier was blues.


Sunday night jazz starts NOW.


Do you remember Basia? ICRT jazz on.



Wine, sunset, chill evening with ICRT.


Live broadcast available here on the internet if you don’t have a radio.



I don’t know if it’s ICRT or the feed from Jazz Trax, but one of them has equalized out the voice of Basia.


Jazz Trax again Monday night 130am. Nice.


Leslie Leslie# Lliao0211 from the radio station whose job “primary responsibility is to expand the online presence of ICRT and the repertoire of our programming both on-air and online” has had nothing much to say in this forum.

This forum from what I can tell is the most popular forum for foreigners in Taiwan. Few or many may post on here, but anything here is discussed throughout the foreigner community. All listening on the different frequencies or maybe online around Taiwan. I met someone who lives in Kenting who said she loves ICRT because it’s her only connection to the outside world.

Guess she (or he?) wasn’t really interested in the primary job responsibility.

Is anyone at ICRT listening.