ICRT feedback thread for 2018/2019



They keep playing this recorded comment, but not at any specific time like top of the hour to set your watch or clock. From the old days before battery operated watches. and smartphones.

Wonder how many even understand it.


Why are they always saying FM100 when it’s actually 100.7?


Cha bu duo 差不多

Taipei and Kaohsiung 100.7
Taichung 100.1
Chiayi 100.8


100.1+100.7-100.8= FM 100! :rofl:




Apparently I’m the only one listening to ICRT.

What’s the deal with playing this sucky Joanna Wang song Sabrina over and over. Sometimes songs are requested and they say oh I played that last week so I can’t play this week.

And they’re doing the interview with her and stuff. She must be do something special for them.


Who else are they going to get? An interview with Bob Dylan?


I was going to download the ICRT app but then I realize they are way too intrusive and want too much access private information.

They want more information than the majority of apps out there. It’s almost like a tracking app. And I suspect they don’t have the greatest security to protect the private information.


Terry would have got that interview. I know he would have.


Don’t know. Is Joanna Wang in high demand all the sudden?


She’s all they can get.


Who is Joanna Wang?


The most plugged in singer at the moment?


Yea, he was just here. Don’t think I heard one song from him or even a mention. Guess that new Joanna song “Sabrina” is just tooooo good. Or, you can only push shi* uphill so far.


On the Language Links intro, what does he say? “An incompetive and fun way to learn English”?


“Informative”. I’m not sure what the point of language links is. It’s just etymology of obscure vocabulary. “Did you know that the word trouser press originated in Corby and is derived from the Greek…”


Well, I don’t know about anyone else but I’m the kind of person who goes on etymonline.com for fun.

But it still sounds like “incompetive”.


Yanney or Laurel?


Me too, but I wouldn’t if I were learning a second language.


I can see that, but they do have Chinese translation. This is something a Taiwanese person could weigh in on better methinks.