ICRT for 2018/2019

Are you paid to plug ICRT?

I always thought he was saying coup de grace. LOL.

He plays some good tunes. I listen to it while driving home from work.

I probably complain too much to get paid to plug them.

They give you free radio! :astonished:

ICRT is not free for me. I almost always use paid for data because 'm rarely near a radio except in the car where the connection never seems to be great. Especially in the mountains, east coast and smaller towns even on the West.

I am missing the morning show DJ Scotty Stevie G I think he’s on vacation or something.

Mornings just aren’t the same.

Stevie G isn’t it?

The fill in guy is lots of fun and plays lots of music :+1:

Is it Ron? I haven’t listened today.

My favourite DJs are the two women who stand in from time to time. Catherine and Erika, I think.

Afternoon long play version of Lynyrd Skynyrd Free Bird very sweeeeet.

Now that’s a good Christmas present.

Now I’m kind of liking this more carefree music variety morning show.

Kind of tired of Stevie G screaming HAPPY MONDAY HAPPY TUESDAY HAPPY WEDNESDAY HAPPY THURSDAY HAPPY FRIDAY and then man-splaining things.

Now starts week 51 path to paradise.

Can DJs play the style of music that they want?

Last week mornings Ron said no hard rock and roll before 6 p.m. but Stevie G mornings plays hard rock and roll regularly.

Really enjoyed the Christmas music today.

Handel’s Messiah?

Better than that:

:open_mouth: :hushed: :astonished: :dizzy_face: :sob: :confounded: :persevere: :weary: :tired_face: :rage: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

How long did you last before you puked?

I’d have to actually play it to toss my cookies. Just the sight of her makes me cringe though. One of the most annoying humans on the planet. :grin:

Dude, you really need to watch it. It is beyond belief.

How can Stevie G say “uh, uh, uh” so many times in a couple of sentences?

It’s distracting as hell for me as a native English speaker and must be confusing as hell to non native English speakers.

Maybe a lot of taxi drivers out there saying “uh” when they speak English because they listen to ICRT.

Isn’t that taught in public speaking 101, don’t say “uh”.

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