Ideologues vs. Pragmatists

This one sums it up pretty well:

It asks (with regard to the fishing dispute between Taiwan and Japan), if the PRC actively protects the rights of Taiwan fishermen, should the government accept it?
The three columns are yes, no, don’t know.
The three rows are green, neutral, blue.

Well, how would PRC actively protect the right of Taiwan?
This is just a stupid question and the journalist who made this should be sent to a mental institution.

in the end, 44.6% of all say no, 40.4% say yes, 15% say don’t care. Still, No would win with a majourity…

Ideologues vs. Pragmatists

Taiwan overproduced bananas, prices have fallen to NT$5/kg. The KMT is working with mainland China purchasers to sell there at a price of NT$12/kg. The CSB Executive Yuan offers to buy them at NT$3/kg and eat them.

price to Mainland China isn’t 10?

[quote]COA coordinating with farmers’ groups to help boost declining banana prices

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Central News Agency
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The Council of Agriculture is coordinating with farmers’ groups in banana-producing regions to buy bananas at NT$10 (US$0.3) per kilo to help prop up prices.

Banana growers are in great distress after prices, which reached a high of NT$60 early this year, dropped to between NT$5 and NT$6 per kilo in mid-October due to oversupply.

Premier Su Tseng-chang (蘇貞昌) led his Cabinet members in a drive to eat bananas in a Cabinet meeting last yesterday, and the COA also activated a project to encourage government agencies as well as local enterprises to consume more bananas.

COA officials said prices in banana-producing regions have rebounded to between NT$7 and NT$8 recently. To speed up the rebound, they have asked farmer’s groups to buy more bananas.

The officials said that the COA will buy poor quality fruit at NT$3 per kilo and dump it, in an effort to mitigate farmers’ losses. [/quote]

From etaiwannews

Nearby my place they allready went up to 18-21NT per .6Kg, so the push from the government is helping. Of course, buying poor quality fruit can bring problems inside the WTO… But the fault is to who? The government who overproduced bananas? Or the poor planning from the farmers?

By the way, Taiwanese increased the exports of bananas to Japan, where they can sell them at NT$13+, but only the good quality ones.