Idiots driving cars on the bike paths

This is the one thing that really bugs me when I’m riding on my bike. And I’m not talking about bike lanes that are part of the road–I’m talking about bike lanes up on the river bank where there should be no cars at all.

I can handle all the scooters I have to deal with when I’m on the bike paths since that’s definitely a losing battle here, but I get really ticked when I see cars up there.

There’s a company that does river rafting down the Annong River and I’ve run into them a couple of times now driving their trucks on the bike path. I yell at them but I get the typical Taiwanese thing of saying “Sorry” and then they just keep on doing what they’re doing.

Annoy the hell out of me however it’s very easy to report them and they’ll get fined. Have reported many scooters for the same thing.

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Really? How do you report them. I live in Yilan so it might be a different process to report them.

You can complain directly to the Mayor.
He’s riding shotgun in the lead vehicle. :+1:


Go to this website and choose the appropriate police site then file a report. Many already accept ARC’s, if the Yilan one doesn’t you’ll have to stick in a complaint and have them add the function. Alternately go to the nearest police station and file a report. There’s also probably a department in charge of the riverside paths so you could put in complaints to them and they might block off wherever the cars are accessing the path from.


I see a older scooter rider being ticketed by Police on cycle path Xindian river, I very nearly clapped and cheered.
They are some selfish ignorant old bastards at times.


There are some real p^%$*s on the Xindian paths, mostly anglers. I don’t mind so much with the guys who slow right down or even stop to let you pass, it’s the ones that ride at full road speeds that really piss me off. Had one blow his horn to get me to move out of his way, he got a right earful and a little red envelope from the police in the post later as I took a picture and reported him when he eventually got by. There’s another guy who drives one section at night, turns his lights off so you can’t get a picture of his plate then rides at full road speeds in the semi dark.

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