IE goodbye?

I’ve been experimenting with a new program I discovered called
98lite that speeds up the pc, since I’m using a PII 266, I needed a bit of oomph. Good news, it seems to work pretty well. I noticed a big improvement by getting rid of the overlap between IE and Windows explorer. But now I’m exploring the options it gives you including deleting completely IE 6.0 and Outlook Express.

I’m wondering
is it safe to delete…
data access components?
internet control applet?
ms cryptographic providers?
web folders
windows management interface?

I know this would free up a ton of space on my hard disk, get rid of a lot of loose junk, and allow me to choose my browser, (probably Opera)

Any suggestions?

I doubt that you would free up “a ton” of space on your hard disk by removing all the things you specified. I’m guessing that you’ll save less than 100MB. However, when you start messing around with data access components and the internet control applet, you’re asking for trouble…

In terms of browsers, Opera is starting to get a little annoying with its banner ads. For a truly light, fast and free browser, choose Phoenix (

You can run a search on the net and find a cracker to remove the banners in Opera.

I use Mozilla, you can blocks ads with that, but it’s not 100% compatible with IE, there are a couple of sites that do funny things with Java or something that I need to use IE for. I hardly use IE, but I need to keep it installed and available

I did try Opera 7 on my pc. It works well, is fast and quite stable.

I like it! Moreover, I tried Mozilla, but it’s too slow on my pc really. Runs slower than IE and has trouble with a lot of plugins. I don’t think it’s really as good as opera, nor anywhere near as fast.