IE Issue

I have a problem with IE that i seem unable to resolve.
It refuses to open a second window when required to link to another page, or even allow two concurrent running sessions of IE.

Anyone got any bright ideas as how to fix the problem

What version of IE do you have?
I don’t know why it would change… are your virus definitions up to date? That’s the 1st thing you should update & then run a virus check.

Some other things to try:
Try: System Info in Accessories\System Tools
Under Tools you could run:
Internet Explorer Repair Tool

You could also try:
Registry Checker
System File Checker

I stronly suggest running Windows Update (run from IE\Tools\Windows Update or usually can run from the Start Menu) & getting the latest version of IE – if you have an older version you could have a lot of security vulnerabilities… It’s generally a good idea to reboot after each download (usually the Windows Updates are installed automatically after d/l finishes).
Then download the Critical Updates Package… that will have other important security updates.
Updating to the latest DirectX wouldn’t hurt.

Lastly, it’s always good to defrag (this pgm should be in Accessories\System Tools). If you have prob.s w/it restarting (i.e. can’t finish bec. of some pgm writing to hard disk), you could Ctl-Alt-Del & End Task for everything but Explorer.

Good luck. Pls. keep us posted.
p.s. I use Win98SE, so System Tools might be in another location if you use Win2000 or XP.

Sorry about re-posting… it didn’t show up after I submitted & returned to the topic a couple of times…
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Thanks for the reply.

I am running Win2000 and IE6.

Have already run the repair tool with no effect, i get the updates automatically, but have also run it manually to see if anything missing and there is not.

I also run the defragment option on a regular basis, so that should not be the issue either.

with regard to the virus checker, this is controlled by the company i work for, and i am told is up to date.

Anybody else get any other suggestions, it is getting really infuriating.

Have even uninstalled explorer back to previous version and reinstalled, all with no effect.

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I’m reaching here, but have you played with Explorer\View\Folder Options\General\Settings\Open each folder in its own window ?

If all else fails, you might try another web browser – Opera 6.05, Mozilla, & Netscape appear to be pretty popular.
Check out for user opinions.


Thanks for the help, but i have finally resolved the problem. I had recently installed one of the popup stopping pieces of software - designed to stop those infuriating bloody ads whilst on the web - and it was that software which was causing my problem.