If the U.S, gives Taiwan Nukes

I came across an interesting article detailing a plan to give Taiwan nukes. Do you think they would be an effective deterrent against China? I’m all for it, anyway. Sounds like a good plan to me.

I wouldn’t call the “rantings of a Canadian guy living in New York” in a personal blog “an article detailing a plan…”. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Furthermore, even though I enjoyed your first link there, it didn’t have anything in it about Taiwan or nukes.

EDIT: The second link was a good read too, but still no nukes.

Where’s the beef? :wink:

Sorry, I can’t remember where I saw the article or I’d post the link. It was just something I read and then thought about later.
Anyway, most of the posters here are so well-informed about Taiwan politics I’d just assumed they’d heard about it. This ideas been around a while, no?

Trebuchet, it appears that the posters here have not heard of such a plan. So try and find the reference if you can.