If you don't have any plans for New year's?

What do you plan to do?? :slight_smile: Stay at home? go to 101? go to a friend’s?? Talk to mum over the phone till dawn??No big deal, New Year’s is just another day???

Webspar/Frankie’s New Year’s Eve roof party!!! :cluck:

I can see Taipei 101 from my office. It’s boring to look at it everyday. I will be celebrating at home with family.

After today I have 11 days off.

I can’t be bothered doing anything big. Last year, my wife and I hung out with my best friend and his girlfriend. It was all very chilled. If my wife has anything she’d like to do, then maybe we’ll do that this year. Otherwise, I’ll probably do the hanging out thing again.

In two more hours I’ll have 11 days off.

Normally I don’t do anything but that day also corresponds to my wife’s last day at her hated job, so we’ll probably go out to celebrate her freedom from terrible bosses.

Because it’s a special occasion, I think I’ll smoke some cigarettes and get drunk.

7 more minutes.

Can you smoke one for me with your fingers in the air “like you all posh and stuff”?

I will camp down south with a couple of close friends.