If you get really old someday, where would you retire?

Are you angry, bro? :grin:

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As a first pass at narrowing down the list, one should check to see which countries have a retirement visa they can afford or otherwise qualify for.

The next thing is to check on the quality and costs of things like health care and elder care, what options there are for a disabled person, etc. (especially if one is considering really living there permanently, and at the age you mentioned).

The usual articles on “best places in the world to retire” usually don’t include any real information on the above. I don’t have that information either, but it would be interesting to find out.

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I think it’s more of a “when” than “if” question… unless you get hit by a scooter or something before you reach old age.

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Coastal Queensland (or more accurately, Godsland) is Heaven on Earth. Well so long as you stay away from Surfer’s Paradise I guess. That’s where I’d go. Actually my current intention is to by my first property there, live there a period for the first home owners grant then keep it as an investment.

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I would love to stay in Taiwan as long as it remains out of the clutches of China. Otherwise, it is the old country, if I have enough money. Somewhere close to the sea or the countryside, if no civil war is going on. Will depend on Internet broadcasts to remain sane.

This is definitely true. A lot of the retirement overseas sites do not include the retirement visa information. However, even in Taiwan there are workarounds.

See my previous post:

Lara aren’t you like 18 or something? Think about enjoying your life too and not just about retiring.

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Hit 90 and then BASE jump or climb Everest or something.

Cuz if u don’t make it then it won’t matter …as much.

France. I want to retire and live in a fucking chateau somewhere in the French countryside. Like in one of those quaint ‘Beauty and the Beast’ villages, minus all the singing teacups and hair monsters.

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But that’s all the fun!

I will be too grumpy for that crap when I’m 80.

I just want a full wine cellar and an outdoor farmer’s market nearby to buy cheese and bread and oogle all the fine-ass mademoiselles cavorting about.

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But everybody there speaks French…

If I can learn Chinese, then learning French will be a walk in the park.

Then again… I haven’t really learned Chinese yet. :sweat:

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I don’t know man, the French have a different word for everything.

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But if you learn French you’d have to speak to French people…

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speaking french
speaking to french “”“people”""


The real problem is understanding what they’re saying about you. :open_mouth:

Eh, honestly the 50 words I know in Mandarin, plus my point and gesture game seems to have worked out for me okay here. Likewise in France, if I can just get up to a toddler level and know how to order at restaurants and bars, then I don’t need to get much deeper than that. No discussing philosophy and politics, but that’s fine as it’s France and who wants to open that can of worms with the locals.

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Yes, but you have to think about chateau upkeep. If your French is no good, the local tradespeople are gonna stiff you on repair fees.

Just making fun of you for not speaking perfect French.

My French is near perfect. I’d give my French ability 9/10, which in Quebec means 0/10. Unless you were born there it doesn’t matter how decent your French is, they will still hate you.

We get it, you have pretty women.
We get it, you have tasty food.
We get it, you have pretty architecture.