If you just can't stand it any more!

if the sometimes narrow topic range of segue bugs your buns, just feel free to search out and try some other forums:



Feel free to list your own favorites… :stuck_out_tongue:

Or you could post new topics here at Segue…


yeah, but I am a little worried that some moral rightists or CIA goons or other govn’t flunkies might take me out, man! I am a born loser man, very dangerous… Hemlock is too good for these gonads, brotha’…


And, it might be risky to let too many people know about the real world, you know… Ah, but you’re correct… Look for some new threads post-haste…

Turn over that flapjack before she changes her mind…

[i]ruffff rrrruuuuuufffff oooooooo wwwooooooo oooooooo rrrruuffff ruufff ![/i]

Popo, that must be one hell of a large bong you’re puffing on today. :slight_smile:

Yes, and popo, the reason for your hiatus is…


I think you should also list the website for Doritos under your “overgrow” listing.

Perhaps you should try my forum. There is almost no-one there and you can spout off as much as you like and no-one will disagree with you.

Actually, my forum is a test for another school who wants to have a forum for students. So, need to test the features. Why don’t you come on over so I can test the banning feature.

Thanks Matthewh, I tested out banning your IP address from my forum - it should work out nicely. :wink:

All I did was say it smells, and angry rude words, and he bans me :imp: It’s a bad as tealit over there :slight_smile:

and thanks for making it so obvious that you wanted to help me test the banning process. Now if you register I could ban your e-mail too. :wink:

All this power has gone to my head


I still got lots of work to do, but it’s been usable (and fun) so far.


I still got lots of work to do, but it’s been usable (and fun) so far.[/quote]

Had a look, but I am not a Miltownkid so I left it alone

You’ll be first to know about zealandkids.com when I start that. :wink:

www.kiwifruits.com would be better.


Sadly it’s already taken.

Yeah, Popo, that post was more like I remember you when you were on Oriented some time ago (must have been about a year?). I was wondering what happened to you. Back with a vengeance huh? So why the long absence?