If you lke Black Eyed Peas you'll like...?

I’m not much into this sort of music but sister-in-law is. Please suggest similar sort of artist that aren’t too much thud thud thud monotonous shopping lists of street slang.

Your guidance appreciated :notworthy:

Outkast. That’s where the BEP’s copy from.


I would also say you should check out The Roots…

Check out Jurassic 5, De La Soul, Blackalicious, Ozomatli, The Pharcyde, Run DMC, Handsome Boy Modeling School, Hieroglyphics and Dilated Peoples.

More hardcore and conscious hip hop to check out I suggest Public Enemy, Immortal Technique, Paris, Kam, Jedi Mind Tricks, Da Lynch Mob, Common, Gravediggaz, Saul Williams, Tech Nine, Michael Franti&Spearhead, MF Doom, Sage Francis and Blackstar(Comprised of Mos Def and Talib Kewli Who’s solo joints are worth checking out on there own too)

Maybe Diggable Planets, too.

If you check out Micheal Franti and spearhead, you should also check out the disposable heroes of hiphopcracy.

I know nothing about the Black Eyed Peas so this is uninformed opinion. Although I have seen one of their videos.

Thanks all - you are all opening my ears a lot! :notworthy: