If you think teachers in Taiwan are bad

Check out this blog from ajarn.com of the typical English teacher in Bangkok! Hilariously pathetic stuff.

Warning: loooong posts. I compiled them from the old message board, where they are legendary.

ML, could you please cut the long post and paste a link (or links) instead.


I couldn’t because you can’t link directly to individual posts on that message board. Also, those entries were all in separate posts scattered all over the message board, so I compiled them all in one convenient place.

Wow – this dude in Bangkok makes me feel pretty good about myself. I’m a hell of a pothead who doesn’t always make the best impression on the local people, but Jesus, at least I am always sober at work, and never pay for sex. I always laugh when dudes like Dumas run into trouble with local toughguys, the police, or immigration authorities.

I’ve spent a lot of time in Thailand although I wasnt working. Anyone who labels English teachers in Taiwan as losers wants to take a look at Thailand. I would wager that there are more per square mile than any other TEFL hotspot.
A wonderful country though…love it

this guy is great… i wanna pay for sex too

What was the link to his blog again? I lost all my bookmarks when Windows fried itself and I had to reinstall.

I don’t think he’s really pulling all that crap; I think it’s some sober missionary type trying to show the worst in human behavior. :smiley:

That is far and away the best blog I have ever read.

I have a friend teaching outside of Bangkok. He said this behaviour is the norm for alot of the male teachers. It’s just too easy to do. He wants to come back to Taipei and teach because the salaries suck in Bangkok.

the name he uses “dumas walker” is the name of a famous eatery/drinking hole.