is there a limit to the size of an iframe?

i haven’t figured out how to use ssi, or rather, haven’t made the time to set it up, so i thought this would be an easy way to make changes to the left side of my pages… edit one file and voila. Weather looks okay but I’m cutting off the second iframe. What am I doing wrong?

Not sure about iframes, but SSI is really easy to set up in Apache. IIS has a smaller implementation (no dates, browser detection, etc) but will do the job.

Now re-coding your pages to work with SSI might take a while, depending how big your web site is. It took 3 weeks for a team of 4 to redo a 800 page site.

Thanks for the reply. I was just doing some reading on this yesterday. Will see if I have the nerve to try the SSI. Or maybe this ‘includer’ script that I got from www.smarterscripts.com yesterday.

omg! I hadn’t realized the SSI would be THIS easy! How come no one told me???

I finally just did it when I couldn’t figure how how the heck I was supposed to chmod.

Pls let me know if I should go with the SSI vs the cgi ‘includer’ script? This is all I’m planning to use:

I’ll bet I’m missing something… another quick but related question… is this going to affect how my pages are treated by the search engines?