Ignoring a thread

Is there any way of ignoring an entire thread? There are a few thread headings that are not that nice to see when eating?

Than don’t eat … :slight_smile:

My pc is on my breakfast table.

That must be a very offensive title. What are you referring to?

Even typing the word is a little too much for me.


I don’t want to get specific about the particular topic that I can’t stand. It just a matter of having the freedom not to be confronted with certain topics. Imagine a mother of a stillborn child being exposed to a thread title about stillborn children repeatedly or family member of somebody who has committed suicide having to see that painful title again and again.

Fair enough. I bet you’re stuck though, as far as technical fixes go.

You could try white out. :wink:

Sorry, I have no idea. If you haven’t replied, just hit “Own” for a couple of days? :idunno:

Or PM a mod and explain why it’s so upsetting; if the mod agrees and can think of a suitable alternative title, perhaps they can change it for you. :idunno: Unlikely, but you could give it a shot.