iHerb Order Name Verification

I just placed a small order today. At the beginning of the process I got this message:

Then at checkout I got this message:

Yeah, ok. Let’s see what happens.

BTW, there’s this now. Around the third time they said “Ay Pee Pee” for app I had to turn it off.

I’m wondering has anyone tried to order food stuff from Taobao than iherb?

The official shipping agents will not ship food stuff but they can be handled by private agents who go through special channels.

Yeah, iHerb’s confusing about it all. I get the same alerts, and emails about all this stuff I need to do, and I don’t do anything and the package arrives in 4-5 days, despite a projected shipping time of 2-3 weeks. Maybe this all works because of some paperwork hassles from a few years ago, when I did talk to a shipper and sent copies of ID and so on. No idea really. But my approach now is order the package and do nothing else. If something goes wrong presumably they’ll contact me.

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Anyone else have this issue with iHerb?

I’m on the page where iHerb asks me to enter my Taiwan ID/Passport number for Taiwan customs (EZWay). When I enter my ARC number under “Taiwan ID” (still the old style number) and click “next”, nothing happens. There is no error, but I can’t proceed. This is the case on multiple browsers.