iHerb Order Name Verification

I made an order from iherb and I received an email about the new law in Taiwan. You need to verify your name to receive a package from other countries…They told me to use the EZ WAY app, after I contact with app they told me that foreigners can’t use the app to verify the name. I ask them how to verify it and they just sent me a link which shows how to use the EZ WAY app…Anyone knows how to verify my name?

This also happened to me recently, and multiple other foreigners told me they received their iHerb orders no problem without this app verification.
My order is still on its way, so… fingers crossed?

OK I have a EZ WAY problem also, ordered 2 items on eBay USA I have to verify with EZ WAY but it comes up as in administration, go no further.
Deleted the app restart etc install again tells me no ID. I used my passport number last time I used but will not accept now.
Notifications from DHL so hoping they will contact me to sort it out?

tl;dr: The way I set up and use EZ Way that’s worked without issue for over two years, dozens of shipments, and a couple updates of the app (Android version of the app, version 2.5.4 currently).

I remember my first time I was notified that I needed to use EZ Way (essentially giving my permission to the courier to take it through customs). I was super diligent and entered data for every field, address, English name, etc. I even uploaded my passport. I also struggled to get it to work. My new streamlined account has never let me down.


  • user ID (nickname),
  • ID number (ARC),
  • name (Chinese only, I didn’t give them an English name even though my packaged arrive only in English),
  • email,
  • cellphone number.
  • I took a photo of the front and back of my ARC to upload.

NOT included:

  • English name,
  • address,
  • any passport info.

I just select Appointment - Create - Select courier.
I fill in the HAWB number thats been emailed or texted to me. That seems evidence enough that you’re the correct person. Then add my address (in Chinese) before clicking next for using my saved ID (ARC photos) and sign my name (in Chinese) and click approve.

This form pops up, but including relevant info from me and the courier.

Conceivably the courier should be able to email/fax/mail a completed form for you to sign in order to complete the process. The issue, again, is that you might need to also provide a copy of photo ID with a matching name.

Where in the above process are you stuck? Is it setting up the account or processing a particular HAWB?

Very helpful of you regardless @AhDohGah, however you could just do nothing like I have and still continue to receive an iHerb parcel every fortnight for the past two years. Last thing I want is another lame app on my phone.

So you could just ignore the emails. Remember it is only an email, which in Taiwan I have come to intuit, means the sender is only half interested in a response.

I made some online orders recently from iHerb and a couple from Amazon and I had this thread in mind when I received SMSes and email asking me to download the app. In past years, I have done this - but this time around (since January), I have chosen not to do anything. The results? The packages arrived as expected each time.

(I hope people post here again if they find that there is real enforcement of this requirement.)

I’m a Kiwi — this is what we use in NZ and have stuff shipped to us (under NT$2000) here in Taiwan no problem. https://www.healthpost.co.nz/ NZ dollar is tanking, so time to stock up…

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You get the name verification thing if customs inspected the package and they’re taxing it if it meets requirement.

Most the time if it’s shipped postal service it slips by unnoticed. But Fedex/UPS will always get inspected.

I can understand, but then they start calling me. It seems FedEx and DHL mostly are insistent.

Not sure why you get lucky when there has to be legal transfer authorization. Especially for “herbs” :smirk:. Surprised no red flags on those shipments!

Precisely my experience. USPS or other national postal service deliveries are generally neither inspected nor require courier authorization, presumably since Taiwan’s AMAZING postal service takes charge, like a boss.

Speaking of which. Last month I sent two identical packages to mainland China. DHL promised delivery within two days and charged 1,400. Taiwan Post made no promises and charged around 600. Taiwan Post arrived in three four days. After a week, the DHL package was still in HK waiting for a plane. Took DHL almost two weeks!

Was your order over NT$2000 including shipping and not including discounts? That’s the only time I’ve had an issue. I’m not sure if it’s still the case, but this EZ WAY thing could be handled by submitting a PDF in the past. I had to get in touch with EZ WAY themselves.
I’ve found that it’s cheaper to break up shipments than to have one order over NT$2000 if you can get the cheaper shipping options. There’s also Lucky Vitamin, which is more expensive but has different stock and different shipping options.

I received my order without any issues.
Thank you all for the help.


You just need to do the real name verification thing once, and then stuff gets delivered anytime after. In fact, I just had an iHerb order arrive yesterday.

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Are you all talking about orders above the $2000 customs limit, or below that amount?

My last order was $2500 NT. Seemed to go through just fine. Got a nice big bottle of resverotrol. Keeps the skin nice and clear, as well as the colon!

How much were the customs duties?

They didn’t seem to charge them.

I think it’s only if you are a frequent importer.

That’s not custom’s current rule. They charge duties for any order over $2000NT, and any order if you have over 6 in either the first or second half of the year.

I also just received my order, no name verification required. Easy peasy… it was less than $2000nt though.

so even if you order less than $2,000NT every time, but you have more than 6 orders per half-year, there are still customs issues?

I’m moving to Taiwan soon as was hoping I could just be ordering under this amount once a week or so just to get the stuff I need!

Not issues, you just need to pay the duties.

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