Ilife 4

Although I’m quite happy with the ilife version that came bundled with my PB, I’m interested in thoughts of ilife 4. I’ve already seen how good the upgraded versions of imove4 and iphoto4 are but how about idvd and garage band. Does anyone have ilife and what do you think of it. Also how much did you pay and where?

Cheers Amos.

iPhoto 4 is a vast improvement, especially in terms of speed, over v2.x Likewise, so is iMovie 4, which allows timeline editing – a much needed feature.

As to Garageband, it’s alot more appealing and easier to use than you can imagine. You need to try it…

The official list price for iLife '04 is NT$1,780. I went in with friends to buy it, so my final cost was actually zero.

One caveat, however, is that you should back up your pic collection, remove your current installation and install iPhoto 4 clean. “Upgrading” the app/library can lead to problems.

I got iLife last week. I had it brought from the US, so i got it for 49$.
Awesome, much faster. I use iMovie and iDVD and the changes are great.
iDVD has got some very Pro new DVD menu and getting to choose between which to use becomes harder and harder. :smiley:
As for garageband, since I am so much NOT a musician, I’m just playing with it, and having fun I must say.
I had no problem installing it. PERFECT :laughing:

17" PB G4. What can I say…

I’ve just experience again one of things I like most about iPhoto 4 – it’s so smooth. Importing, editing and uploading pics to .Mac of my kids playing with their new water color paint kit was done and finished in about 20 minutes total.

Included in the process were old galleres that I previewed (ie those’re the ones that’s gotta go), downloaded and then deleted.

Just one of those things that you finish and say, “J’ya, that’s the way it’s supposed work.” Very satisfying… I’ll definitely renew .Mac in September.

If there’s not enough things to play with on my PB already I just went in and got ilife 4.

Now I have garage band! What an awesome application. I was never much good at music but just produced a masterpiece (well I think anyway). And how user friendly it is! I can see hours and hours of fun here.

iDVD, oh my, too many cool themes to choose from now. When I eventually get around to knocking up another DVD, it’s going to look awesome.

iMovie. The improvements with the timeline look awesome. For those who use this I strongly recommend getting your hands on a neat little software app called slick. It integrates with iMovie and puts hundreds of extra transitions, titles and effects on so your choices are endless.

iPhoto. Now what an improvement. The new slideshow transitions are puss. I was just mucking around with my library and put some nice backing tracks on from my iTunes with a slow cube transition and burnt it through toast onto a cd (SVCD). Now that is magic.

iTunes. Well it’s the same but I really do appreciate its integration with limewire.

Too much fun on this computer now. By the way, the new limewire pro is pretty damn great too.


Acquisition also has rather slick iTunes’ integration and it’s a bit faster than LimeWire overall.

Thanks for the tip ROC. I didn’t realise that acquisition integrated with itunes so never bothered with it. After testing it out just now though, it works well.