Illegal Betting

NT$10,000 on Lien Soong, Anyone want a piece of the action? I’ll spot you 1000 votes. Of course I’m joking :wink: . Anyone know where I can find a gambling den?

Just been informed, the line is 700,000 votes for Lien Soong. Anyone game?

Ouch! Okay if you were to bet, and I know no good Forumosan would, who would you go with and for how much?

There’s always a good cockfight going down on Saturday night in a warehouse on the outskirts of town. Ask your Taiwanese buddies around a little.

Been there, done that, looking for something…um…a little more…um…intellectual!?

700,000? I’ll take Chen. What’ll you give me on Chen even up?

I’ll give you 2:1. I don’t think I have any guanxi but if I did I’d throw down 200 on the KMT.

I miss that guanxi now impleased :slight_smile: I’ll tell you what, a hoegarden to your two, at alleycats :slight_smile:

I’ll take that bet. I don’t live in Taipei County, next time I’m in town though.

you’re on… considering recent events let’s just make it a friendly beer each way.