I'm addicted to reading this forum


If you recall, I don’t live in Taiwan. And 90% of the content bears no relevance to me. But it’s fascinating and amusing reading about people trying to adjust to life in a new land. People from all over the world, sharing a wide variety of experiences from all over the world. It’s like an island of misfit toys.


I know, eh?


Such a romantic metaphor. I really cant wait to see for myself first hand.


I sometimes go over old threads of big events - elections, quakes, accidents, celebrations-. I find it quite revealing about human nature.


The pull of Taiwan is obviously strong for you. When will you be moving here?


This site is horribly addictive. I’m reading it every day and I haven’t even left the island yet.


Jesus H Christ


I’m not addicted to this forum, I’m just filling in dead spots in an otherwise wild, crazy rockstar life.


Liar. Rock stars only use Twitter and Instagram.


I’m not moving to this third world dump with shoddy building design, crappy food, lazy people, chabuduo, nasty beaches, unfair treatment of foreigners.

Seriously though, even the negativity is amusing to read. :smiley:

I’ll go to Taiwan if on or my cousins is getting married. I don’t know what work I’d be doing. I don’t want to to teach English. Maybe if there were data science jobs available I might come. Right now, I have a cushy US government job.


Careful. If you come for a visit, you may find yourself mysteriously unable to reach escape velocity. Taiwan’s siren song has been the downfall of many brave men. :sunglasses:


Yea, but I thought I was in Thailand.


Addicted to reading the forum isn’t a problem. Addicted to posting can be an issue.


Carpal tunnel syndrome?


I suddenly have this urge to start 10 new threads.


Oh come now. I’m not addicted. I can go a good 8 hours without posting.



I call your 8 and raise you 48.



Race weekends don’t count, you know that.