I'm confused! APRC & Open Work Permit

I am going to be applying for APRC in the next few months but after reading this forum I can see that I will also need to apply for an open work permit… I thought once I got APRC I would be entitled to work where I please and not have to worry about changing employers… From what I gather the two things are different and I need to apply for both… Is that true? Do I apply for one before the other and if granted an APRC will I get an open residency permit or are things not that simple… WHY DO THE TAIWANESE MAKE IT SO DIFFICULT… please help.


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Once you have an APRC you must have an open work permit which is easily applied for through the CLA in order to work. Once you have the open work permit you can work for anyone without further need of any permits. (If you are married to a citizen then you already have open work rights.)

I thought we didn’t have to apply for an open work permit? or is that for spouse only?

Spouses of citizens have open work rights. No permit needed.

APRC holders have the right to apply for an open work permit.