I'm lookingto start/join a bandin taipei


I wanna play some music, I play drums(Really well), bass(pretty good)guitar(ok). ButI would prefer to be drummin as it’s what I do best. I’ve been playing for 13 years, and have been in many bands. I’m also good in a studio, as I have a small one set up at home(in ireland) for the past four years(It wouldn’t fit in my suitcase :frowning: ). I do live sound as well and pretty much any technical thing(Miking, fixing stuff blah blah). I want to find good musicians. We could gig and record. I’m open to all styles, but I love a bit of experementing with “the noise”. Electronic minded folk are also welcome.

So if you’re good or even can play a bit I’d love to hear from you.

Taipei only though, No I dont want to go to taichung for practice sorry :frowning:

So if you wanna ROCK…

Hey Ho Lets Go!

Oh yeah, you can get me at: bigLEGOmonster@yahoo.com
or 093 12 12 007