I'm struggling to navigate the site to book a scooter test

So I’m looking to do my 50 - 250cc scooter test here in Taipei. I think this is the site to book an appointment for everything to be done at one place (health check, written and practical), correct? The issue is I cannot seem to find a free date in the next month- I have to check each day individually. Is there a way to see all the free days for each month?

Another thing, the two locations listed for Taipei- I can’t find the top one. I know there is a test center in Shilin, that’s where I’d like to go, but I can’f find it.


Taiwan, not known for user friendly website design.

It is the top one, 台北北區監理所


You can only book an appointment up to one month in advance. Here is an example for April 1:

I was thinking of doing the same thing. What’s required for the health check? This is the first I’ve heard about it.

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That’s a nice comprehensive write up.

Unfortunately, even though it’s only less than two months old, the links for Taiwan’s Reciprocal License Agreements as well as Applying for an International Driver’s License are broken :-/

Shilin 士林監理站 is the most popular station to get a license

I did my scooter test at Banciao 台北區監理所板橋監理站
, you can see there are still available spots for this Month

Yes , you need a health check before register to the test
this is the list of places where you can do the health check for scooter/car license 體檢代辦所查詢

I did my health check in this clinic 佑林診所 ,

You need to bring some recent photos , your ARC , fill up a form 機車駕駛執照登記書 and pay 150nt