I'm Thinking of a Number Between One and Ten

What is it?

I could log into the administrator’s control panel to find out if I really wanted to know… :sunglasses:


4.178472892… approximately.


I thought 4.178472892 too. You must have thought of it subconsciously.

Wait! I can’t play. I can’t find the “10” on my keyboard. :s

I was going to offer money to the winner but I chickened out just for that reason. I cannot block my subconscious thoughts.


If not, can we have a clue ?

[quote=“Big Fluffy Matthew”]47

If not, can we have a clue ?[/quote]
Here is a clue: It’s blue.

[quote=“Richardm”]Here is a clue: It’s blue.[/quote]6 ?


It must be 7

(It’s not really blue.)

Should be do this by elimination?


Two and a half! (red)

My post count is climbing.

Blue eh? Wasn’t there a “Blue 6” call sign in a movie?

Say 6 - after this I give up