I'm writing a Led Zeppelin song

True, but giving themselves songwriting credits for other people’s sings was an awful thing to do.

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They appropriated, no doubt, but they definitely put their own unique stamp on the music. You never doubt you’re listening to a Zep song


Agree x2

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It was their managers, and not the actual band members, who did that. They clearly thought they could get away with it. They ended up paying Willie Dixon a million bucks when forced to, though it probably should have been more and to more people.

Can we say that this was cultural appropriation?

Why do you say it, baby baby baby?

One of my fav songs that set the groundwork for a Zep song

(866) Spirit - Taurus - YouTube

That’s like asking if you can say the sky is blue.

Baby, baby, babe you know it’s true.

I was thinking of writing a Beatles song the next.

What I don’t really get though, is that these people didn’t put in any claims until much later. Why not at the time?

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Should be no problem writing one from their early period. Just talk about holding hands or something.

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I have some ideas already: I love you, it’s true, I will be true.

May need to add some babies…

But I don’t want it to sound like a Led Zeppelin song…

“you only get caught when you’re successful. That’s the game”

They were hugely successful and they must have been aware of it. Was it just accepted at the time? I think Howlin Wolf sued them very early on though. The publisher of “She’s so Fine” sued George Harrison around that time.

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I think they settled with him in 72. My guess is it took a few years for people to realise how much money they were losing out on, combined with the laws against plariarism not being so strong in the late 60s?

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I’d assume there’s going to be at least a little overlap. Unless it’s a song about lemons. Although the Beatles do talk about “creme tangerine” in Savoy Truffle.

I still hate Black Dog

Song still stuck in my head


That’s your punishment. The gods of rock are just gods.