Images of Taiwan in the late 1930s

Lafayette College of Pennsylvania has put online its collection of Gerald Warner’s photos and postcards of Taiwan in the late 1930s. Warner was the U.S. consul in Taipei from 1937 through 1941.

The scans are high resolution, so most images can be enlarged.

found via Kerim Friedman’s Keywords.

Thanks for posting that, cranky laowai.

A very interesting link.

What a find!

There are tons and tons of photos there that I haven’t seen before. Fantastic!

Indeed, great find. I’ll have to take another look later. Piles of great old shots there.

Cranky -
Thank you very much for posting this.

Wonderful stuff. What a quaint little city Taipei once was.

Wow! Who woulda thunk it: Taipei was a beautiful city once…!

Great find.

Interesting stuff! Thanks.

be interesting to see if anything can still be seen, thought i recognized this as a scene across from 228 park, then saw another postcard does mention “sakaemachi street” is hengyang road. will have to go over and take another look. … OX=1&REC=2