Imagine NT$7500 per hour teaching english!

There is a family who hires a Canadian teacher who comes only in the summertime to tutor a class of five young kids (3 families).

They only do English lessons during the summer as they’re too busy during the school year with other after-school activities.

5 students
2 hours per day
3 days per week
$1500 per child per hour (uh-huh)

So… that’s $7500/hour, $15,000 per day, $45,000 per week, $180,000 per month. The English tutor is supposedly a teacher or professor at some big name university.

Imagine paying all that money for English lessons just 1-2 months out of the entire year, and then having little to no exposure to English the rest of the year (except maybe for your English-speaking nanny).


:astonished: , you’re messing with us, right?

Talk about a family with too much money and too little common sense to know what to do with it.

Give me their number and I’ll help them save their hard earned NT. I’ll only charge them…hmmm…oh, about 5000 NT per hour.

They sound like real suckers. :lovestruck: :lovestruck: