Import/export business in taiwan


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Am planning to move to taiwan and i was wondering of anybody has any idea about IMPORT/EXPORT business and selling in taiwan ?

MORE SPECIFICALLY After having the product shipped in Taiwan What is the story of this feez that need to be payed to have your product displayed in a shop ???

I will be greatful for any information you can provide me with…



Hey bud. I don’t know to much about import export taxes or tariffs on stuff. But I do know that it hasn’t been profitable for many people who tried to do it on a smaller scale.


Convenience stores like 7-11 roughly charge you 500,000 NT$ per item to put on the shelf for like three months, if they like it they continue, if not they kick you and your product out. Return shipment is at your expense.

It’s too much to explain all but the above is what it is like.


Yeah i have heard that 7-11 is one of the best channel to sell throught but they wont let you make any income for the first few monthes ^^'
A really good start up capital is gonna be needed so