Importing agriculture tractor to Taiwan


Hi There.
I know there nearly impossible (and very expensive) to bring car or truck to Taiwan.
As I can see a lots of second hand tractors and excavators imported to Taiwan from Japan.
I need a mini tractor for my farm here.
Does anybody has an experience or information on how to import a second-hand tractor to Taiwan?
Wife is officially registered farmer.

Thank you


I suggest you try some FB groups first such as : 二手農機器具買賣


Thank you. That is where I see companies and agriculture coops bring second-hand tractors and excavators from Japan in containers


Then I suggest you prepare a message
Specify you are a foreigner
Use google to translate roughly
And post…

You will get answers


Small machines I’m not sure, but bigger equipment it is standard procedure to get them shipped in peices as its way better on taxes. Couldn’t tell you the details as I’m not so mechanical, I’m a farmer like you. But everyone does it here when importing. I’d be interested in hearing your experience as I’ve been thinking about a tractor and excavator in recent years, but not being mechanically inclined never made it happen.


Hello Explant.
I just comeback from Hokaido and there many farm equipment sells along on thouse rural towns we were driving.
Want to ask you, I need mini tractor, like Kubota 25-35 hp with front loader.
If you are serious to buy tractor as well, we can cooperate and ship in same container, save money.
Meanwhile I research a this, prices, way to import , arrange shipping, etc.
If you can do the same on your side, we may progress faster. My time frame 2-4 months
Here is a good starting point


Just found this one


Although I’m more interested in an excavator, I admittedly nervous about importing from Japan due to language barriers. We can certainly chat in private if interested we have a company registered in the agriculture trade area so would be easy to use.


I do believe there is no need to import from abroad
You can find everything here in Taiwan
Not in big quantity for sure, but there is
And moreover, this equipment is largely underused


Just ride a scooter like everybody else!


At least 3 tractors for sale today on the fb groups mentioned above


Yes, there are many tractors selling in Taiwan. But a price 2-3 times higher than comparable you can find for sale in Japan