Importing food stuffs to Taiwan

I plan on importing some food goods (dairy frozen) from UK to Taiwan.

I have lots of queries to work out such as labelling on package, I see some imported good have a Taiwanese label pasted over.

I also need to see about import duties and tax that I’m finding difficult to find online.

Anyone on here know about importing food goods.
I read inspection has to be done on food goods entering, would only be done one time? Or each time for same product.

I know importing to Taiwan is not plain sailing and a lot of rules.
My original plan 4 years ago was to import classic cars, import tax and other hidden costs plus not able to be older than 9 years made it almost impossible economically.

Why not import stuff that’s less regulated?

Cars have to be subject to all kinds of rules not to mention possible protectionist rules. Taiwan also don’t really like old things, unlike the West. It really only makes sense if you are importing luxury cars…

Food is full of regulations because it deals with consumer safety, in addition to protectionist rules.

Why not try importing some other stuff, like timber, raw materials, machine tools, tools, audio/video equipment, clothing, you know stuff that isn’t subject to all kinds of rules as much as cars or food?

You really should be getting in touch with trading companies or brokers who knows about import export regulations. I assume you are going to import to sell, not just for personal consumption. This isn’t something you ask on some internet forum.

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Agreed. But if you have specific questions.i can share my opinions if i know. We import food often, but processed dairy (from the uk no less) so cant comment much on that.

The government has most food laws translated into english. Be worth spending a few full time weeks reading up on them.

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