Importing Vehicles

I have heard a long standing rumour that it is possible to import one vehicle, tax free into Taiwan.

Does anyone know if this is true and if so, are there any restrictions (ie. size of engine, colour etc)?

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I am no expert, but I have heard that they have stopped this priviledge which was available to Taiwanese that studied abroad and drove the car they bought abraod for at least one year.

For expats who are branch managers of foreign companies, and diplomats I think this is still permissable.

Otherwise importing vehicles have extremely prohibitive taxes akin to 100%. Not all in one tax, it is a tax on a tax on a tax which ends up being about 100% in many cases.

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It was a few years ago, but I did know someone who imported a 750cc bike. Unfortunately I never got round to asking him how…

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Total import duty and taxes for under 2,000 c.c. is 71%, for over 2,001 c.c. is 83%.( It including
import tax.harbor tax.commodit tax.V.A.T.)

All autos into Taiwan will have to pass the air quality control testing. The Automotive Research & Testing Center will charge around NTD 60,000.If the auto does not pass the environmental air quality control testing, the owner will have to take full responsibility for the results. The process will take approx. two weeks.

Thanks Jensen. So there is no allowance or tax break for a foreigner bringing in one vehicle?

Hi Malcolm,

Unfortunately, only diplomat (with mutual beneficiary contract with R.O.C.) can import vehicle, tax free into Taiwan.


Where did you get this info ? Is it authoritative ?


Please check the Automotive Research & Testing Center.

Thanks Jensen, but it doesn’t mention whether this test is a legal requirement for imported vehicles.

The full tarrif guide is at

Figure on adding 75% to the Cost Insurance Freight price of the car.


Recent research by a bored Paddy with nothing better to do suggests:

A new Toyota Avensis 1.8 CDX Auto in the UK is NT$950,000, whereas the equivalent model (Altis) in Taiwan is only NT$705,000. The Taiwan model has much better spec. Presumably prices in the second-hand market are similarly lower than the UK, so why would anyone want to bring a car in anyway ?

You are only allowed to import the car which was under your name for at least one year abroad. I don’t know if it applies to foreigners. Then ARTC test for the air and other tests.
It only makes sense if you import 2nd hand BMW or BENZ into Taiwan and sell it afterwards. But you can only do it for once a year. Bribe for ARTC? Maybe!!!