In House

Ate there tonight. Funky, groovy music, good food, atmosphere CHUPPY. Lounge Bar and restaurant, beautiful people…yadiyadiya.

Located near Warner Village on SungRen Rd, corner behind Alexander Gym.
They have this set menu deal like noplace I’ve been in Taipei. It’s $450, includes four courses.
I got grilled salmon as the main,
choice of salad–chose the mexican chicken one which came in a weeny taco shell, soup–the pumpkin-YUM! and Tiramisu for dessert.
A very good deal for this place and gourmet food. TRY IT. You’ll not be disappointed!

This place is in the first floor of our building, but I only ate there for the first time yesterday at lunch. Not bad, I guess. I don’t think I can afford to eat there often, though, even though we get a discount.

Nice place to hang out on the weekend, too. Been there are few weeks back. Music is a tad too loud though …

Bad food, snotty kids wearing black, lame deco (Cafe TU on lightsaving, + superlame ambiance video).
The location and ceiling height are superb, but wasted in yet another “lounge” feel. “Lounge” in Taiwan means: sounds really sophisticated + cheap to decorate: paint the walls grey so it’s not too dirty, throw in one sofa, plastic potted plants, and play anthing on HeadCandy label.

At least the sound system is up to par (not the case in most “lounge” places).

Go for a drink before Rm18, skip the food.

Or check out the newly opened Iian Zhi restaurant by the Mulan/OD crew. Next to Twins’ and Toppy, on ChungHsiao / TunHua. Ok fusion cuisine (they call it crazian cuizine, because they smoke too much), big space, works as a nice ODstyle bar late. They’re just opened, so spare them the quirks.

Originally posted by Aussie on July 5th: Any views on In House (ground floor of Neo19, next to Warner Village)? I went there once when it opened but haven't been back (because I'm lazy, not because I didn't like it).
Originally posted by Alien on July 5th: I started a thread on [url=]In House[/url] already. Haven't been back either, but thought it was pretty darn good food, and funky atmosphere.

I too went to In House… Amazing food which was very reasonably priced. Great service by immaculately groomed waiters (except for the guy with the bandage). Drinks were pricey but I managed to limit myself to a couple. Oh and no industrial strength, strip lighting! True, the place was beautifully lit, great decor and cool music. The customers were all young and beautiful and pretentious (we just tried to be those things). But really, if you want to impress and do it on a reasonable budget, then I highly recommend In House…

Song-ren rd. # 90. In the same building as Alexander Gym, ground floor, at the back of the building.