In landmark case, US Supreme Court rules LGBTQ workers are protected from job discrimination


Yeah, it’s pretty BS to discriminate for sexual orientation. But I’m kind of iffy on how it protects trans. Does this mean a business has to allow trans person to use whatever bathroom or changing room or even make a separate one? I’m also on the fence about the dress code thing. In some instances, it might not be a great thing to have a 250lb hairy guy built like a linebacker wear a dress in a client facing role. IDK how we cover cases like that.

Honestly, just build non-gendered bathrooms and get it over with.


This is costly for small to mid size businesses. I would be pissed if one of my employees started making these demands and I had to oblige. It’s the kind of thing that people would not hire a trans person for the first place, it’s almost impossible to prove anyone didn’t hire someone for being trans unless you annouce it to everyone.

if woke people can get outraged over it then i’m sure this is what it means yes!

In Taichung, I went to this coffee shop that simply had a multi-user washroom that allowed anyone inside. Simultaneously.


Um. many small businesses for over a century have had non-gendered bathrooms in their shops.

The accepted title of times past was “a bathroom”.

People getting pissed over everything but piss. Dumb.

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some don’t and have gendered changing rooms. Most restaurants I worked in have gendered changing rooms. Just because it’s probably not an issue 99% of the time doesn’t mean we shouldn’t consider the 1%. Or else we wouldn’t have made laws to protect trans people who are less than 1%.


That’s a good one. :rofl:

…but then an angry mob gathered in front of the White House shouting prove it, prove it! :hushed:

The province of Quebec has had those in their Sr high schools (ceijep) for at least 20 years. They just have stalls and sinks.

I’ve seen one with stalls and sinks… and urinals.

Or was it a dream? :thinking:

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The religious righties are having a fit, but Trump pretty well shrugged it off. Good for him.

I can’t believe anyone can disagree with this ruling. The main plaintiff, who’s passed away now, was working at a job for many years. They wrote a letter to their boss and coworkers that they had been living as the wrong gender and would now like to present as a woman. The boss immediately fired her… And this was like 7 years ago. Insane

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I don’t think he actually bothered to read the decision.

SC cases always take ages to go through. A decade is not uncommon. But yes, it’s insane.