In Taiwan on visa-exempt US passport, what are my options

Can’t see the situation being as it is for another 2 months…hope not anyway.

Well lets hope not that would be quite nice.

I wonder if I can get my brother to set up a company for us and then use that same company to get an ARC. Does anyone know if it is at all possible to set up a Rep. Office if you in Taiwan already. Can everything be done from Taiwan? Also read some on that thread but do I just say im a freelance editor or consultant or something? Do I have to prove we make money? It seems like its basically set up company in America with legal powers for said company, then file paperwork to set up rep office, then apply for ARC?

Yes. If you want to set up a US company use LegalZoom for the incorporation, then an e-notary service to get it notarized.

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Also just wanted to mention that I used ZenBusiness to start an LLC earlier this year (unrelated to the Wuhan Virus) and thought it worked out pretty slick – I even accidentally put in the wrong SSN number and they called right away and corrected it without a fuss

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Any updates on visa issues for usa visa exempt?
Anyone find any luck with residency?

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It’s a shame that nobody linked to a guide that has answered all of those questions JFC.

I have read the guides and it doesn’t really say it is all possible from Taiwan. But yes they did answer alot of questions.

Is this any hope?

Hope for what? Foreign tour groups are banned for a longer period. This isn’t good for you.

It seems that you’re looking for an easy solution that would allow you to stay in Taiwan but you don’t have the legal right to do so, and the current circumstances mean that you may have to leave indefinitely once your current visa-exempt stay is up.

My advice: if you’re truly able to support yourself financially without working here, look at setting up a company/branch office and getting an ARC, as others have already suggested.

I own a business and don’t need or want a job in Taiwan. The tiny amount of money it costs to set up a company here and apply for an ARC through that is a small price to pay for the ability to live in the country without always having to worry about visa runs.

Thanks redhorse.

Do you own a company/branch?
Or just a company?

I am in the process of setting up a branch office for my foreign company.

Unless they’ve revoked this already, 30-day automatic extension, and an amnesty thing until June 30.

Ok hope that goes well for you.
Currently you are a visa runner?

I cant justify opening a my trade/skill business during a global pandemic. I dont think the business would generate money during lockdown .
Sad time for businesses .

Is your foreign business affected by china sickness?

The little money you spoke of is that to branch a business or start a business in taiwan?
I had a business in usa for 10 years closed it to move here. I dont think i can reopen it in usa and make a tw branch…but anything is worth a try!!
I dont have a legal right to reside here as you said so i flip every stone

Earlier in this thread, you seemed to indicate that money wasn’t an issue as you don’t even need to work for income. Obviously, I don’t know your finances and am not asking you to share them, but in my opinion, the benefit of being able to live in Taiwan without doing visa runs and worrying about your status far outweigh the costs of setting up a company and branch or representative office.

There are countries that basically sell residency and if you compare what they “charge” to the options in Taiwan, I think you’d find that the investment is pretty compelling.

Even if the investment sets you back 4 or low 5 figures USD (getting good legal and tax advice is always worth paying a little bit more for), that’s magnitudes of order lower than many of the residency schemes in countries that for the most part aren’t nearly as appealing as Taiwan.

Bottom line: your situation is almost certainly one a little bit of money can solve.

Good luck.

Thanks for the advice. Still looking into my options.

Does anyone know if you need to do a FBI background check to get a job in Taiwan (Pretty sure you need to)? I had heard the FBI stop processing applications as they were closed. Makes me think it might be harder to get a job because of that…

for teaching jobs (maybe except for univ jobs), you need.

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