Incorporation Rules for Foreigners

Does anybody have information on the rules and regulations regarding how to make oneself an Incorporated/ Ltd. company in Taiwan?
I have heard of Ernst and Young being useful in this, however would like a little bit more info / basics of what is necessary.

If you want to form company or other business entity in Taiwan, or have any questions, send me a PM. My law firm does it all the time.

Below is a link to Taiwan’s Company Law followed by some general info. … asp?law=25

The most basic form for a foreign company to establish a legal presence in Taiwan is a

Setting up a company is suppose to be pretty straight forward, if you can read Chinese and fill out the forms yourself.

I would use EY, DT, and law firms to learn. They should be able to tell you how to set up your entity given your current conditions. i.e. if you already have a foreign entity, you may consider, a rep office, branch, or WFOE via co. limited by shares or limited co. Or if you don’t have an existing entity and just want to set up a company in TW, then your options may be a co. limited by shares or limited co. you have to look at reg cap requirements which will kill if you don’t have enough cash, angel investor or vc money. You have to understand how the money flow from one entity to the next (maximize your tax savings). So, make an appointment with EY, KPMG, DT, lawfirms, etc and learn. They are all quite expensive, so don’t engage them.

Oh, don’t forget, here in Taiwan you have to specify what business you will be getting into. Your company will be categorized accordingly. If you want to do something different with your company mid stream, you will have to reapply, so make sure you cover enough space in your registration.

Once you have a plan, then call up a local TW accountant and have them do the work. They are very knowledgeable as well and know alot of loop holes that the big 5 and law firms don’t. They are quite crafty.

Their prices are much more reasonable.

MOEA fee - $10K NT
Co. Setup fee - $20K NT

Then negotiate a package with the local accountant to have them take over your books. There are alot of monthly withholding tax, whole year withholding, etc. that they can help you with for a reasonable price. i.e. Rev < 10Mn => $4K NT per month to handle payroll and other accounting needs. Don’t forget year end tax filing/ audit, etc. Netgotiate that in.