Increase of Jobs in Japan?

Checking out Dave’s ESL international jobs page, which I often do when I am bored and dream about my future life on the rock, I have noticed that since the horribly tragic earthquake / Tsunami in Japan, there has been a massive increase in postings for Japan there, seems like every third ad or so is for Japan.

Must be because so many foreigners fled afterwords.

Just thought I would point this out, for anyone looking for a pay raise and willing to leave Taiwan, you might be able to command a high price there with a lack of competition at the moment.

no need to create a new thread, cuz, hey all you Taiwanese who can speak a bit of Japanese, there are jobs for you in Japan!

According to a report from SETN, Taiwanese citizens with Japanese language skills are the most sought after employees by Japan’s 7-11s, Family Marts, and other convenience store chains.