Indian Beer Hall (closed)

Do they make you spew?

Urrgh . . . or was it the pipes?


No - it was stupid youth and speed quarters with a 10nt piece (it’s much harder).

I’ve seen this place for years and we finally went last week. I don’t like to post bad reviews, but they had some of the worst food we’ve ever had in Taipei. We took guests that were visiting Taiwan and I was embarrassed. But judging by the amount of vomit on the floor of the men’s bathroom, it must be a good place to get drunk. We won’t be going back.

A truly horrific place. Makes those ghastly all-you-can-drink venues seem like the Paris Hilton.
Not exactly fine dining.

Sounds like a new venue for FORUMOSA HAPPY HOUR in September! :discodance: :beer:

Explore TAIWAN!

Is this place out of business now? I passed by earlier today and it looked like they were tearing the place apart.

The dinosaur pub on Bade? Passed by on the bus this evening, and it was open as usual, with people in it.

I walked by there a couple weeks ago and they had one wall opened up, with a truck outside and lots of junk being carried out to it. They’re probably doing some remodeling work.

Passed by the other day, and the entire place seems to be undergoing some kind of construction work. No idea if they’re renovating, or if they’ve closed for good.

It’s a mystery to me how they’ve been able to stay in business all these years. That neighborhood, though sits in the center of the city, is in the middle of nowhere with no MRT and few buses. A much better place to eat and drink is the Taiwan Beer Bar just down the street on the other side of Jianguo.

Well, it’s a bit far from the MRT, but plenty of buses go by, like the 205.

I was there a couple years ago and the place was packed. People like it for the bizarre atmosphere and the even more bizarre menu choices. The place is kind of an icon. It’d be sad if it closes for good.

It was quite a fun place in the first five years it opened. I cant remember the last time i was in there tho. They made their money and then they didnt know how to renovate and maintain standards. Thats what often happens in Taiwan. A place opens up (owners spent a bit of cash) and its a nice place for a few years. But the owners then just use it as a cash cow and eventually the place falls into disrepair and the cash flow stops being positive and then you have to wait for the owner to sell out and the new owner to renovate and reopen. But it could end up being an entirely different place (and usually devoid of its original character).

Sometimes its a good thing, sometimes (more often) its a bad thing.

p.s. as you know TW may not operate on Euro-merican logic.

A store brings in a certain product. It sells well, they dont bother to bring in more of the same. Either they got it on the cheap in the first place as a stock lot. Or they lost interest and are on to something new.

Many operations dont really think about what they are doing and manage accordingly. Those are the places that eventually fail. The successful enterprises maintain their essence of being.

Hey didnt know they had a branch in socal. Too bad its in socal tho, id be done there now and then. maybe run into a nice TW girl?

Looks like a Thai restaurant is opening up in the location of Indian Beer Hall.

The end of an era.