Indian Beer Hall (closed)

i went once like 5 years ago and thought it was kinda cool. wondering if anyone’s been recently and what you thought of it. also, any suggestions for similar taiwanese beer houses with interesting atmospheres would be cool. thanks.


I live near the Indian and think its pretty cool… The interior is designed to look like an exterior :o They have a varied menu, with fried crickets and duck tongues and other assorted oddities (judged from my own cuisine cultural perspective, of course :unamused: ).

I tried to get the manager to sell Belgian beer, but the last time I was there he still didn’t have any… thus, its been a while since I’ve been back there.

The food is OK, a bit oily though. But it is definitely an interesting place, in terms of concept design and menu. Can be a bit dank down there, though.

The place is an institution with lingering memories of the old Taipei. It’s probably about twenty years old by now.

We had a few parties at The Indian when I lived in Taipei 3 or so years ago, it was a blast. The Taiwanese seemed to think so too, judging by the number of pickled locals getting dragged out by their equally sauced friends. They also had a BMW Isetta hanging from the ceiling as I recall. The beer comes served in wooden barrels that sit at the end of your table. It’s a kick! So can anyone tell me where it is? I should make it back there in a few months, would love to hit it up but I lost thier card.

Oh yeah, can’t forget the colossal fake dinosaur skeletons inside :slight_smile: :smiley:

It’s on Bade Rd, between Fuxing and Jianguo.

The most weird thing about the place is the menu cards. Indians riding on dinosaurs?

It must make sense somehow, I guess.

does that place ever fill up? it’s HUGE! we were there about 4 months ago on a sunday night, and there were only about 25 people in the place … wife tells me it used to be packed.

you gotta love taking a whiz in the johns in that joint.

I was there a week or so ago and it was pretty full.

A good place to take a big group, although it’s a bit weird how they fill up the kegs by pouring bottles of San Miguel in them. Why not get draft? Or just give us the bottles in the first place?

Thank You . I was going to visit this place but now the info. on the San Miquel has put me off. Sound like another rip-off. I bet the San Miquel costs more than the usual 50NT a bottle ! I’m surprised they let you see this scam, most people, Taiwanese included, have the impression that the kegs in beer halls are filled with draught beer. Whats the point otherwise ?

Went there a few years ago. Good atmosphere with the skeletons, waitresses in skimpy outfits, and the drunken locals. I remember the menu had some strange dishes. I will never again try spicy ducks tongues again :sick:

Still worth a visit though! :bravo:

Yes, it was a fun night and I would recommend anyone who hasn’t been to give it a shot at least once…

I’m meeting friends at this place later.
Anyone been there recently?
What kind of food do they serve?
Judging from the comments about crickets and duck tongue, I’m guessing Chinese dishes?
Sounds like a place I should visit at least once.

Is this place just a restaurant or a bar?

Went there once for a Halloween party and it was great.

It’s a restaurant.
Absolutely massive.
Serves all Chinese/Taiwanese dishes.
The food was good, but it was about 2x-3x as much as you would pay at your local Chinese place.
I think most dishes were between 250-500nt.
Lots of exotic food: goose, ostrich, crickets, crocodile meat.
My teppanyaki was 300 for a small portion, I could have had the same thing and much more for 140 at my local place, but the atmosphere of this place is worth paying to experience for sure.

I reckon a Happy Hour there would be outrageous.

I second it!

Glad to see it’s still alive and well. Ahhh…what memories. How many times did my SO at the time puke into the gutter outside?
Can’t remember anymore.

Get the chow laaaaahhh (fried small clams)

If you don’t mind draught beer served from pipes that haven’t been cleaned since the decorations roamed the earth, perhaps. I was in that place once years ago and actually saw the beer pipes. They were green with mould. On the inside. Yummy!
Plus, ALL the food is available at regular Taiwanese places, with the possible exception of the croc, etc., at much better prices and preparation, and of MUCH higher quality. It’s average at best. The place is ALL about fake dinosaur skeletons, with food and beverages a DISTANT second place. A once-only kind of place for most people.

If you don’t mind draught beer served from pipes that haven’t been cleaned since the decorations roamed the earth, perhaps. I was in that place once years ago and actually saw the beer pipes. They were green with mould. On the inside. Yummy![/quote]

Hey that’s organic beer, fresh from the philippines.

Do they make you spew?

Urrgh . . . or was it the pipes?