Indigenous Traditional Games

Archery, tugowar, wrestling, ear shooting, pig wrestling, pig catching, etc.

National games Kaohsiung in May.


Huh? What’s that?

Yes I watched the video, and I heard the term being used several times. However, none of the shown activities seemed to be visibly involving ears. Googling the term also didn’t yield anything useful…

Best guess would be the only shooting related activity shown: archery. But shooting at ears? With ears? From ears?

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I think they use an ear from a slaughtered pig. Lemme go look it up.

Edited to add, and probably to correct:

I’m not sure it’s a pig, and I guess the animal is killed in a hunt rather than slaughtered:

Edited to add another source:

I’m not sure there’s a conflict there. Maybe there are different ways of doing the competition.


The second line is exactly right. Ear shooting is a Bunun tradition and a festival tradition. Now, no real animal ears are used, especially not in the games, maybe they would still use it in the Ear Shootting festival.


Thanks for that information.

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@Charlie_Jack and @hansioux thanks a lot!

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You’re welcome!

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