Indoor compost bin

Does anyone know where to buy one?

That’s a scary thought, Miltown. It’s so damned hot here in Taipei that our kitchen garbage (especially the compost matter) breeds thousands of tiny flying insects within a day or two if we leave it open. Consequently, we’ve taken to wrapping every couple of days worth of garbage in separate plastic bags which we tie up then deposit in our standard issue garbage bags. I can’t imagine an indoor compost device not drawing insects. But then, it’s cooler where you live, so maybe that would make a difference. … mpost.html

It can be done. The hotter the better (up to 90 degrees F according to the link). :slight_smile:

I know of two places where you can buy compost bins, along with the fermentation powder to speed up the composting process. One is in Section 3, Dingzhou Road (near NTU/Gongguan), and the other is on Minzu West Road in Datong District. The latter is near where I live. Drop round my place and I will take you there.

I think you can get them from the Homemakers’ Union (Zhufu Lianmeng) at any of the addresses on this page.

Homemakers’ Union HQ
4F, No. 2, Lane 160, Section 3, Dingzhou Road, Taipei
Tel: 2368-6211
Fax: 2368-6213

Try to keep your compost bins away from direct sunlight - strong UV light degrades the plastic.