Industrial Design Graduate Schools in Taipei

I’m curious to hear what thoughts and experiences people have with industrial design (and related) graduate programs in Taipei (stand out schools in other parts of Taiwan would be worth hearing about too).

A quick google search brought me to Shi Chien

Thanks for sharing.

NATIONAL TAIWAN UNIVERSITY OF ARTS, THE COLLEGE OF DESIGN and National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. These are both state universities. They will have more resources and probably better faculty. NTUST produces many graduates for Taiwan’s tech industry, so there is a lot of cooperation with industry.

As Feiren mentioned, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology is public and is considered as the Top school in the country. However, i do not know how easy is to accept a foreign student and what are their language requirements.
Possibly, if you are in Taiwan, you could visit the annual exhibition that all the Design Unis are participating. This is YODEX and it takes places sometime in March or April, if i remember well. There you could see all the Universities, student work and talk to the people and students so you get a better idea.
As for Shih Chien, i was personally involved for some time and i would say that it is more artistic and very model-mockup oriented school with nice environment but i would not recommend it for undergraduates. Like most Unis in Design in Taiwan they fail teaching the Design fundamentals. However, they are quite internationally oriented and they organize seminars and workshops run by professors and professionals invited from Europe, Japan and US so they do try to an extent to bring the western know-how to their curriculum.
Hope the above help.

Thanks for the helpful replies. I thought NTU was considered the top university in Taiwan. Or do you mean NTUST is the top design school in Taiwan?
Also, you mention the undergraduate program. Do you have any thoughts about the graduate programs at any of these schools?

I am talking about this one. Actually to me their names are confusing as they are so similar. Look here: … -33003.php

For NTUST i do not know many things. For Shih Chien, i was involved with the undergraduates mainly. The grad programs attract students from both design and other fields. I suggest if possible for you to visit the YODEX exhibition. By the way, what is your background? Do you have design background. If yes, then Shih Chien could be an option. But judging from the work and profiles of grad students from NTUST, i think that if you have no design background then it would be a better and more solid option. If you are in Taiwan go visit them. Shih Chien is a very open school and the staff is very friendly.