Infamous Taipei Hiking Club Quotations

This thread is for the purpose of capturing those truly special comments that make long, deadly, hot hikes in the sun worthwhile.

Any contributors will be held to a strict code of ethics which mandate plagarism, bastardization, and other notable edits for comic effect.

To preserve the fun of the idea without potential embarrassment, quotations should be posted without attribution (no “By Someone’s Name”).

Apologies in advance to any who weren’t present and may not understand without context.

Here we go …

“My wife got pregnant right about the time when you started coming.”

“And I call them ‘gates’ because that is the word spelled overtop them in giant letters.”

Hiker A: Which way do we go?

Hiker B: Well …

Hiker A: “Well” isn’t a compass direction.

“Don’t tell me we’re gonna get into that discussion about the difference between frogs and toads again!”

Hehe. This is gonna be good :wink:

It’s gonna be really hard to beat that pregnant wife one though, lol.

(After an hour or so): “Has it been two minutes yet?”

“Can anyone see a ribbon?”

“Don’t worry about water, there’s a little old man who sells drinks in the woods.”

Yeah, I think he and the drunk ribbon guy are buddies.

“Hello Kitty.”

“Shouldn’t they have tried to make the word palindrome a palindrome?”

Hiker A: “What’s the opposite of a cat?”

Hiker B: “A dog.”

Hiker A: “What’s the opposite of a dog?”

Hiker B: “God.”

“Um, if the bamboo pole breaks when you do that, you’re going to impale yourself.”

[quote=“Muzha Man”]Hiker A: “What’s the opposite of a cat?”

Hiker B: “A dog.”

Hiker A: “What’s the opposite of a dog?”

Hiker B: “God.”[/quote]
Well, cats do consider themselves to be gods!

How come “dyslexic”'s so hard to spell? I mean if there’s one word in the world that should be easy to spell, it’s that one.

:laughing: :laughing:

“There’s a rock here!” yelled one intrepid waterslide enthusiast as he shot by.

How is we live on a tropical island, go hiking every weekend, and none of us has a tan?

Hiker A: Uh, this is going to end up on the infamous quotes thread, isn’t it?

Hiker B: Yep.