Info on the Yonghe,Taipei area?

Hi everybody, I am looking for info on the Yonghe, Taipei County area. Any help would be great. THanks so much.

You’re spelling it wrong. It’s Yunghe, or Yongho, and it’s south of Taipei city west of the Wenshan or Mucha district. Personally, I don’t think much of Yonghe. Too crowded. Too dirty. Not enough green space though the rent is much lower than in Taipei City. If you live near an MRT line you can take advantage of the lower rent and still have quick access to the city.

Ah Yunghe is OK. Cheap and just over the bridge to the city. Tingshi MRT is a couple of stations out. Dirty? Where did you hear that? Not as green as some places sure, but I wouldn’t say dirty. A lot of people work in town, and take advantage of the cheap living here.

I assume you’re not here yet or you’d just look at a local map. What you should do is check out You can have a look at the MRT (subway) map. Stations Tingsi through NanShihChio (don’t trust the spelling) cover YongHe. Rents are cheaper if you choose to live there and it’s just a few stops from some of the night spots. It is very crowded, though. You might even consider living in WenShan district (HePing West Rd area) or even HsinTien depending on the location of your school.

Click here to see a map of Yonghe. You can zoom in to see every street in detail.

Note: The street names on this online map are mostly in Tongyong, but the street names written on the signs in Taipei are mostly in Hanyu Pinyin, so it might be hard to find the street you’re looking for unless you are familiar with both romanization systems.

Actually, most of the street names on that map are not in Tongyong but MPS2 – so that’s yet another system people need to be familiar with… :cry:

As a rule, don’t trust maps in Taiwan for correct romanization – in any system.

I like Yung ho. It has a lot of shops, has an MRT line, close to Taipei, free garbage pick up and is cheaper.

The problems:

  1. Dirty
  2. Crowded
  3. Lack of green areas

I will be moving out of here soon probably. I’m dying to get a house especially after seeing Sir Donald Bradman’s place Friday as I was eating all his food, groping Rascal and drinking my beer.


I used to live there and it is indeed super-crowded. Still, it’s OK to live there, but there is no other reason to go there.

Some of you seem to be thinking of Zhonghe. By the time you get to Yongan Market MRT, that’s Zhonghe already. Yonghe is pretty small. If you are around Dingxi MRT station it’s convenient. You are very close to the city (especially Shida and Taida area) by scooter and MRT. Loads of schools, a Sogo, a nighmarket, a street full of cheap clothes, a swimming pool or two, but not much else of interest.


When you say Yonghe is “cheap” what range are you thinking of, so those not in taiwan yet can get an indication of rent differneces by neighborhood. How much do you save vs. say if you lived inside taipei?

Rent is the only thing that’s cheaper.

Click here for some handy rent comparisons: