Informal Chinese Translator needed

Hello everyone,

I am looking for a translator to translate some of my film work writing from English to Chinese. Can be a high school, university students. Do you know where to find one?

Thank you

I saw some university students near NTU recently.

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Are you sure you won’t look for a professional work? :ponder:

Yeah I don’t know if it’s culturally ok to approach them and ask about translation help?..

yeah students help is good I think, as I don’t need formal paperwork translation, just some writing

Google translator cannot do that?

Damn @tando, I was going to recommend you :slightly_smiling_face:. I just know you would be happy to do it for a milk tea and a few hundred ntd . :wink:

Just some writing? Like righting is so easy, write?


It doesn’t sound like something that would lead to an angry mob trying to lynch you. :2cents:

I think your results will be better though, wherever you look, if you’re clear about what the translator stands to gain from this “informal” work. :money_mouth_face:

Just so. :+1:

Is the preference for high school kids (never going to happen) or uni students because the OP wants it on the cheap?

Define “film work”. If it is like dialogue, students won´t do. It is not as easy as it looks. I work in that field and a single title might take days of discussions.


That is what I thought. formal paperwork translation could be easier.

Not sure if anyone may be able to help .
I may have a full day of work for someone within the next month or so .
I will be doing a one day Advanced Driving Course based in Chaiyi area for approx. 10 people.
I would need someone to translate ( English to Mandarin) from my powerpoint to the students in a classroom setting in the morning , then sit in car and translate ( no speeding ) whilst I check driving in car and observe/instruct .

long day , around 7/8 hours , but I can pay 12,000 NTD plus food /travel. I would need someone with a valid work permit / I have not fixed a day …may be weekend.

I will also need help with translation of the Powerpoint presentation into Mandarin , which I am happy to pay normal rates for . ( not sure what that would be per word if anyone knows?)
Many thanks,

Normal rates for translation is about 1.8~2.0NTD per word, depending on the content, if I’m not mistaken.
Now, for the live translation on that day, I have no clue.
Ideally, you’d get the same person to do both jobs, but if for some reason you can’t, I can help you find someone for the PowerPoint part.

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Seems a lot of work is scanned pdf or something where they can’t use google translate for. They could pay someone to transcribe it but it would cost as much as hiring a translator.

I don’t know but translating from a video or audio is harder, so I imagine the rates will be higher. Especially if the video is poor quality, voices are hard to make out and you’d have to replay the video 100 times to get what they’re saying.

Plus FREE access to the Advanced Driving Course content (which you will be translating). :slight_smile:

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@keoni :joy: . I just realized that the translator would be getting all that for free :wink: . So maybe they can help and just pay me a reduced rate of 35000 :happyrunningaround: :blush: . Format is more a “ live “ translation as I go through the information in the morning , and reinforcing the techniques “ in car” , in the afternoon. Most of my customers speak English … just have to cater for the whole group to ensure comprehension . I can manage with the basics but there are times in car when I need to expand on the mistakes drivers make . It’s all at low speeds … there may be further courses each month and some trips to USA / Europe to racetracks , so I would hope to soon employ someone full time ( maybe 100,000 salary but less hours than at a school :yum:. I may have the support of a manufacturer , so could be interesting work if you like cars and travel . This is just the initial course to get things moving and see .


Good to see you’re back in the saddle again…so to speak. :grin:

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Thank you , Sir . Just escaped and I thought I would rest … but :sweat:. I wondered if I could use a Forumosan man ( or woman ) whom may have a wicked sense of humour and is intelligent and enthusiastic. :smirk::thinking:

I’d nominate @Rocket, but that man or woman requirement may be a dealbreaker. :sunglasses: