Innocent lawlessness in taiwan

It’s true, I just wonder if that has something to do with it.

I was once meandering along Yangming Shan with a friend and it was pouring down rain. Quite cold for October too. Then we came a across a clearly marked “no entry” area along a river/spring full of people hanging out, cooking food in the hot springs. Nothing was more satisfying than dipping my toes in the hot water, as I was already completely soaked. But there was still always that “what if” going in the back of my head. Clearly I survived, and the chances of being cooked alive are probably close to those of winning the mega millions or getting struck by lightning, but there’s always still that chance…

But if he’s nicely cooked, he should be perfectly safe to eat. :bear: :meat_on_bone: :yum:

Just saying…


Man if you want some real adventure there’s abandoned open cast sulphur mines in that area. I managed to hack my way in once. Really interesting but not at all safe.

In my experience I haven’t seen too many “ice cream machine” broken excuses in Taiwan, but in the US it’s like every other day.